Should We Question The Circumstances Of Epstein’s Suicide?

His strange suicide needs to be looked into

People are too eager for conspiracy theories

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Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged suicide in a New York jail is too strange not to be looked into, holds Judith Miller of City Journal. The fact that he had dirt on several highly influential people was clear. It is likely that Epstein, jailed for sexually abusing several underage girls, could have posed a threat to these individuals. This situation is made stranger by the fact that he was taken off suicide watch a mere six days after prison officials determined that he had tried and failed to kill himself. Since his death, many flaws about the jail he was kept in have come to light. It appears that if it had been run properly, he might still be alive. This case merits further investigation.

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While Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide did happen under strange circumstances, these themselves do not justify the vast number of conspiracy theories that have followed his death, argues Mckay Coppins of The Atlantic. The huge amount of speculation surrounding his death on social media and even among journalists and politicians is representative of the degradation of trust in our institutions. No matter what the official government report says, many people seem to agree that it cannot be trusted. In other words, they have concluded what truth they believe and will stick by it. People should base their views on reason and not emotions, which isn't the case here. 

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