Is The Current Iran Situation Trump’s Fault?

Trump has caused peace to collapse

Iran poses danger irregardless of Trump

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It is President Trump's foreign policy that backed Iran into a corner and caused the tensions that are currently playing out, asserts Simon Tisdall of The Guardian. Ripping up the Iran Nuclear Deal, which checked the country's nuclear ambitions while promoting peaceful engagement, was the biggest mistake. Additionally, Trump has been cozying up to Saudi Arabia, excusing its assassination of a Washington Post journalist and trying to sell it nuclear technology. All of this has incensed the regional rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran, making the latter feel pressure to react. Trump has destabilized the brittle regional peace that currently exists. A full-on war with Iran, that would engulf the Middle East, has become a possibility.

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The aggressive behavior of Iran validates President Trump’s cautious approach to the country, infers Behnam Ben Taleblu of Fox News. While the Iran Nuclear Deal limited its nuclear program, it didn’t halt its other belligerent activity. Iran has long sponsored terror all around the region, from Hamas in Gaza to Syria’s Bashar al-Assad. Particularly its proxy war against Saudi Arabia in Yemen has increased suffering on both sides. The funds that were returned to Iran as part of the nuclear deal likely contributed to terrorist causes. This is not a nation that the US or the international community should be friendly with. Iran is an enemy of peace in the region and Trump was right to adopt a tough stance from the very beginning.

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