Is The DNC Right To Ban Fox News From Hosting Dems In Debates?

Fox is being punished for its valid stances

It has a clear right-wing political agenda

 Getty: Astrid Stawiarz / Stringer

The Democratic National Convention is highly hypocritical to ban Democrats from holding debates on Fox News, infers Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist. The notion that this network is more biased than liberal ones is wrong. NBC, CBS, CNN, ABC and others have shown extreme favoritism towards Democrats. This is evident in the partisan stances that many liberal outlets took in coverage of Hillary Clinton and Brett Kavanaugh. Fox News’ only sin is not being aligned with the Democratic Party. Republican candidates should respond in kind, depriving left-leaning outlets of their presence. This attack on Fox News is an example of extreme partisanship.

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The Democratic National Convention is right to call out Fox News for its incredibly biased coverage, asserts Greg Sargent of The Washington Post. The network and its pundits’ close relationship with Donald Trump is no secret. It routinely gives his administration favorable coverage. He is even known to be an avid Fox & Friends watcher, forming policy ideas based on topics the show covers. The network has shown, in particular since Trump’s election, that it is not an unbiased news outlet. Fox News has been accused of spreading disinformation to suit a right-wing agenda. It routinely defends his policies and appears to support right-wing and Republican narratives.

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