Is the GOP’s Carbon Tax Plan Worth Enacting?

The plan is a wolf in sheep's skin

It would cut America's emissions

 Getty: Kevin Frayer / Stringer

While the GOP’s carbon tax plan is a step in the right direction, it would give big polluters a pass for their hand in damaging the environment, argue Lee Wasserman and David Kaiser of The New York Times. In fact, the bill was driven by lobbyists from big oil companies. It would also repeal the Clean Power Plan, which puts a check on carbon emissions. This and removing the possibility of taking fuel companies to court, over their pollution of the environment, would hurt the global effort to clean up the planet. Big oil has long worked to hide the dangers of carbon emission and cover up its hand in this. The bill should be rejected, as it protects polluters.

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The Republican-led carbon tax plan is a good initiative in America’s fight against climate change, suggests Eric Holthaus of Grist. While it is not as thorough as might be ideal, it’s the best currently enactable plan to reduce America’s carbon emissions. The effort against climate change has to start somewhere. Fuel companies would have to pay $23 for every ton of carbon emissions that they produce. It would also rise by $2 every year that emission goals aren’t reached. By some predictions, this plan could reduce America’s emissions by 26-28% in 2025. This GOP initiative to protect the climate is a solid and highly necessary progression from the past.

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