Is the Trump-Putin Summit a Good Idea?

It could improve US relations with Russia

It could lead to greater US security risks

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As President Trump won the election partially based on a platform that included warming US relations with Russia, his upcoming summit meeting with Vladimir Putin is a positive strategic move, writes Mary Dejevsky of The Independent. First, Trump will be going to Helsinki in a position of strength; the US is economically and militarily superior, which gives Trump the power over Putin regarding concessions. This meeting between the two leaders who regard each other positively may lead to defused tensions between East and West and, as such, it has the potential to start of a process that could calm and resolve dangerous conflicts and tensions in Syria, Ukraine, and elsewhere, fostering improved international relations and security.

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Given President Trump’s history of downplaying or ignoring Russia and Vladimir Putin’s role in international conflicts and undermining American democracy, the upcoming summit between the two leaders will most likely may fall short of substance, asserts The New York Times editorial board. As such, the July face-to-face meeting may be little more than a wasted opportunity for actual progress in reigning in Russia’s influence on cyberintrusions and regional conflicts. Even worse, Trump may to congratulate Putin again on winning his rigged election and give in to concessions that would boost instead of limit Russia’s power in Syria and Ukraine, and harm US allies in the Group 7 by proposing to readmit Russia.    

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