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Is Theresa May’s Brexit Deal Good Or Bad?

It's a solid first step for Brexit

This solves nothing whatsoever

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While Theresa May’s Brexit deal is not perfect, it puts the UK on the road to successful independence from the EU, believes Simon Osborne of The Daily Express. The sooner the UK exits the EU’s customs union, the sooner it will be able to negotiate tailored trade deals with the rest of the world on its own. This would allow it to tie its economic success closer to that of fast-growing emerging markets. Additionally, this will ensure that the UK can implement its own border policy as soon as possible, to ensure that immigration is managed in a way that Britons decide themselves. There will be many benefits to being able to draw up policies without EU intervention.

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Simply put, Theresa May’s latest Brexit deal is a huge mess, argues Polly Tobynbee of The Guardian. Forcing through this flawed agreement, the Prime Minister has united the country against her, from both sides of the political spectrum. The key issue is that trade with the EU cannot go on as it did without remaining in a customs union. But if that is the case, the UK won’t be able to negotiate its own trade deals with countries outside of it. May hasn’t offered any solution to this, prolonging uncertainty that harms British businesses. The notion that Brexit would allow the UK to “take back control” is pure fantasy. It is causing much economic pain instead.

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