Is Trump Approaching North Korea The Right Way?

Trump is taking the right steps

He's too soft on Kim Jong-un

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While North Korean demilitarization is still a long way ahead, Donald Trump is taking the right steps to achieve that goal, holds Stanly Johny of The Hindu. In theory, peace with the regime is possible, as its main goal is to protect itself, rather than expand its borders. The president is moving in the right direction by seeking to create positive dialogue and exchanges with North Korea. A war would be catastrophic and must be avoided, which Trump seems to understand. Him meeting Kim Jong-un at the border between North and South Korea and them walking a few steps across the northern side was a breakthrough that could herald more positive change.

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President Trump appears to be more concerned about making it seem like he is handling North Korea in the right way when that isn’t the case, believes Michael H. Fuchs of The Guardian. Throughout his presidency, he has made several major concessions and ignored American values while getting very few real results. Meeting Kim Jong-un at the North Korean border was historic, but means little without getting the regime to agree to anything. Meanwhile, his overly positive tone towards Kim flatters the dictator and allows him to escape accountability for his numerous human rights abuses. Trump seems hungrier for a PR victory rather than containing North Korea.

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