Is Trump Failing With His Coronavirus Response?

Trump's failures are costing many lives

The media is working to undermine him

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President Trump's mismanagement of COVID-19 has made things far worse, writes David Frum of The Atlantic. In the early days, while the coronavirus was still spreading, he played down the situation and claimed the virus would go away. While he was busy reassuring people about the stock market he should have been ordering supplies and preparing. Fox News repeated what he said, not because it was right, but to protect him, resulting in huge portions of the country underestimating the virus. America is doing far worse than other rich countries, and this comes from poor leadership. His lies and refusal to admit mistakes are resulting in a higher death count.

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The left-wing media has used the spread of COVID-19 to attack President Trump, asserts L. Brent Bozell III of The Washington Times. A New York Times reporter even went so far as suggesting we call it the "Trumpvirus" from now on. Instead of trying to unite the country behind the effort to fight this terrible disease, journalists focus on smearing the president. It is especially important now, in times of crisis, that the American people can look to the media for reliable and, most importantly, unbiased information. No matter what Trump does, he is attacked and derided. Readers should be aware of the inherent biases that cloud many outlets' coverage.

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