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Is Trump Justified In His Feud With Federal Judges?

He is undermining another gov't branch

Judges have proven left-wing tendencies

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President Trump criticizing a federal judge that blocked his attempt to deny certain asylum requests is another attempt to grow his influence, suggests The Boston Globe in an editorial. Like he has done with other branches of the government, Trump is trying to undermine the public’s trust in America’s judiciary system. Painting the judge in question as a partisan agent by calling him “Obama’s judge,” Trump riles up his base. Just like his attacks on the media, Trump is trying to weaken the words of entities that have criticized him. America’s courts and independent news outlets are necessary to uphold democracy, not suit the whims of a particular leader.

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Donald Trump is correct in stating that the 9th U.S. Circuit routinely sides with liberal causes, writes Robert Charles of Fox News. Supreme Court Judge John Roberts is overly idealistic with claims that America’s judges are completely nonpartisan. It may reflect the ideal we must strive for, but most certainly not reality. In fact, the Supreme Court has had to reign in the 9th Circuit for overly left-wing decisions. Democratic appointees have a history of politicizing their jobs. As 57% of them were appointed by Trump’s predecessor, he is justified to call them “Obama judges.” American law is being applied in a biased manner, which Trump rightly pointed out.

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