Is Trump Justified to Seek Ending Citizenship As A Birthright?

He is going against the Constitution

He's right to update America's laws

 Getty: Pete Marovich / Stringer

President Trump’s effort to end the right to citizenship of undocumented children born on US soil goes against the Constitution, asserts Steve Vladeck of NBC News. He is doing this for political gain, to rile up nationalists among his supporters and provoke opponents. As much as he may want to go through with this step, it is unlikely to happen. The US Constitution is clear that all children born in America should be given citizenship. The Supreme Court has discussed this point repeatedly and come to a clear conclusion that even the children of illegal immigrants are included. Trump probably knows this and only wanted to create a stir.

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Citizenship as a birthright to all, even illegal immigrants, is an antiquated law that Donald Trump is correctly seeking to revise, writes Pedro Gonzalez of American Greatness. Already many in the media have claimed that this is unconstitutional, but that’s not correct. There are many legal reasons for revising the citizenship rights of undocumented newborns. The US is one of only a few countries that still allows this. In the modern age of migration, illegal and legal, such laws need to be changed. France and the UK did the very same thing when they saw waves of immigration in the second half of the 20th century. Trump is justified here.

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