Is Trump racist?

Trump has shown that he is

Actually, he really isn't racist

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President Trump’s many racially insensitive and offensive comments leave little doubt that he is in fact racist, believes Paul Waldman of The Week. His “Pocahontas” dig at Senator Elizabeth Warren was only the latest of many bigoted statements. The use of this term, which some have defended as a joke, is considered insulting by many Native Americans. Trump led a prejudiced election, calling Mexicans criminals and rapists and suggesting that we ban Muslims from entering the country. He burst onto the political scene by publicly doubting that Barack Obama was born in the US. Our president has said a tellingly large amount of racist things.

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President Trump is rash, disagreeable and divisive, but he is not racist, asserts Leon Spence of The Huffington Post. He may not be an ally to minorities or especially interested in fighting racial inequality, but he is not actively racist against other groups. He simply doesn’t care much about them. When Trump failed to call out racists after Charlottesville, it wasn’t bigotry that motivated him, but customer loyalty. He remains devoted to his supporters. Above all, he values his brand and success. The president makes decisions based on these factors first and foremost. Those that call him racist misunderstand this side of Donald Trump.

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