Is Trump Right To Claim Dems Are Trying To Steal The Election?

Trump is being deceptive here

Dems are skewing Democracy

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President Trump is spreading mistruths about the way the election is going, reports Aaron Rupar of Vox. He seems intent on preventing votes that were postmarked before election day from being counted, even though this would follow the laws of several states. Trump is likely saying this because he fears that once all ballots are counted in places like Georgia or Pennsylvania, Joe Biden will be voted president. This is because many Democrats sent their ballots in by mail, many of which are only counted after voting stops. Trump is trying to skew the election in his favor. Even if he goes to the Supreme Court he will get nowhere, because these late ballots are legally valid.

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Democrats are doing what they can to swing the election their way, believes Ronna McDaniel of Fox News. They are trying to extend the election way past November 3 to get as many blue votes in as possible. In several states, they tried to change legislation to allow late votes to be counted, even 10 days after the election. Thankfully, they were blocked during several attempts; the Supreme Court did so when democrats wanted Wisconsin to accept ballots for almost a week after in-person voting ended. Democrats have labeled attempts to stop them as "voter suppression," but illegal ballots are being rightly disqualified for things like missing signatures and other issues.

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