Is Trump Right To Side With Saudi Arabia?

He is validating human rights abuses

The media ignores Khashoggi's faults

 Getty: Mark Wilson / Staff

President Trump’s failure to condemn Saudi Arabia over their role in the death of a journalist signals to the world's autocrats that they can get away with similar abuses, suggest Mark Mazzetti and Ben Hubbard of The New York Times. His worldview, that financial interests overshadow ideological ones, shows that as long as an entity is profitable for the US, it will be able to violate human rights. Oppressive regimes all over the world know that America will no longer hold their feet to the fire, meaning they will feel less restrained to commit abuses. Trump indicated that he didn’t even care if Mohammed Bin Salman was behind the killing when dismissing the CIA’s conclusion that he was.

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President Trump is right to stick with Saudi Arabia. Jamal Khashoggi has been made into a martyr by the media, which ignores his flawed past, reports John R. Bradley of The American Spectator. He was a long-time supporter of the Saudi leadership, using his position at the Washington Post to justify its actions. This fact, in addition to his ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, make his death a poor reason for the US to break its relationship with a key ally. Crucial is that many countries in the Middle East act this way, if not worse. Turkey, with its own ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, has used this story to undermine Saudi Arabia, its rival in the regional power struggle.

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