Is Trump Solving Or Creating A Crisis At The Border?

His "invasion" narrative is incorrect

He is right to secure the border

 Getty: Mario Tama / Staff

The situation at the US-Mexico border is complicated, requiring a delicate touch, which President Trump lacks, asserts Dara Lind of Vox. A large group of migrants has gathered at the border, many of which hope to seek asylum in the US, which is legal. However, due to slow processing, most of them need to wait very long periods in bad conditions. The mayor of Tijuana has claimed he doesn’t have enough funds to house all the asylum seekers. This is not the invasion that Trump has painted it to be in the hopes of riling up his base. People tried to cross the border out of desperation, seeing that America isn’t letting them in when trying to come “the right way.”

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Notwithstanding heavy criticism from liberals, President Trump has acted correctly to protect America’s border, believes David Marcus of The Federalist. While shooting tear gas and rubber bullets at people is sad to see, such action is necessary in the face of large groups trying to rush the border. Ultimately, America needs to put its own security first. While it always has been the land of immigrants and continues to welcome newcomers, rewarding those who come across illegally sets a very dangerous precedent. Trump was right to send the military to the border, which helped manage the intense situation. His leadership keeps the country safe.

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