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Is Trump Stoking Protest Violence?

Democrats are at fault here

Trump wants a bigger conflict

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Democrats are failing to address violence across the country and prefer to blame President Trump, asserts Roger L. Simon of The Epoch Times. The protests have become excessively violent, leading to property destruction, injuries and even murder. Even though many of the cities witnessing this destruction are run by Democrats, they continue to blame the president. Trump has become an easy outlet, particularly for those who are afraid of appearing politically incorrect. The fact of the matter is that bringing in the National Guard and cracking down on violence is a necessary solution Trump has proposed. American cities are burning; only a strong response can save them.

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It is President Trump's divisive and incendiary actions that have poured fuel on the fire of American protests, writes Zak Cheney-Rice of New York Magazine. Protests had been shrinking in size by July, and the president's poll numbers were suffering. So he did what he always does: He created a conflict he could exploit politically. First, he sent federal agents to kidnap and attack protesters, re-energizing them. Then, he used incendiary talking points to fire up his base and enrage those outside of it. Trump doesn't care about calming tensions or uniting the country. He wants to take advantage of this moment to create more violence, which he will then try to blame on his opponents.

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