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Is Trump’s Military Parade Worth The Cost?

It would be completely unnecessary

A parade would be good for America

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The military parade that President Trump has asked for would be a big waste of resources, writes Paul Waldman of The Washington Post. Having seen its estimated cost rise to $92 million instead of the originally foreseen $12 million, the parade is not worth it. The main reason Trump wants it is to flatter his ego, to make him seem like a strong leader. The US, the strongest nation in human history, has no need to show off its power. The parade would also divert troops from their necessary job of protecting the country. Even within the military, few support such an idea. Republicans are making a mistake by supporting it and catering to Trump’s ego.

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A military parade could be a positive event for the US, holds Armand Cucciniello III of The Hill. Critics that make comparisons to Russia or North Korea forget that France, Britain, Italy, Spain and many other American allies also have them. Those that say it’s too expensive or would come on the account of veterans don’t understand that national budgeting is more complicated than that. In fact, the event could raise awareness and funds for veterans. Other similar events, such as the 2009 inauguration of Obama, cost the country around $170 million. The parade would honor present and former service members, giving them a great reason to be proud.

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