Is Trump’s North Korea Plan Going Well?

Trump is handling it perfectly

He won't achieve his goal

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The recent progress in dialogue with North Korea is a direct result of President Trump’s policies, argues David Perdue in Fox News. Pressuring China into enacting sanctions on the regime has put its back to the wall. It is because of this that North Korea engaged in peace talks so openly; it wasn’t left with any other choice. Applying political and economical pressure and going after its income has had a positive, drastic effect. This puts America and its allies in a better negotiating position regarding North Korea’s denuclearization. Trump has done everything right to get its regime to dance to his tune. If it doesn’t, more hardship will follow.

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President Trump’s belief that he will be able to get Kim Jong-un to give up his nuclear weapons is deeply misguided, holds Bertil Linter of Asia Times. Given the way that Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi fared after they agreed not to pursue acquiring nuclear weapons, Kim is unlikely to follow suit. In short, these weapons are his regime’s biggest asset. Giving them away wouldn’t make sense, as they give him more leverage in any negotiations. Pushing for food, money and time is the probable plan of action, all without agreeing to give up nuclear weapons. Trump’s goal is unrealistic, and he is likely wasting his time with North Korea.

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