Was Jimmy Kimmel’s anti-gun speech appropriate?

Kimmel's speech was very courageous

It was misguided & full of fallacies

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The speech given by Jimmy Kimmel after the Las Vegas shooting was special because it bore true emotions and showed how tragedies can affect even a late-night comedy host, infers Bill Carter of CNN. He wasn’t trying to score political points or manipulate people, he was trying to do what he felt was right to prevent this mass shooting from happening again. Kimmel was tackling the NRA and Republican lawmakers out of a feeling of necessity. This was a real human being expressing his fears and emotions. Kimmel’s transparency and vulnerability were extremely brave and showed how America’s gun culture can affect any of us.

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Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue on the Las Vegas shooting used emotion to put forward his flawed agenda, holds Ben Shapiro in National Review. Suggesting that those who disagree with him don’t care about the victims is needless finger-pointing. The NRA isn’t powerful because of bribes but because of the support it has from a large portion of the country. Kimmel’s words reflect the way that liberals frame the gun control debate: tainted in emotion and without clarity or discussion. This dialogue should be happening but with input from both sides. His speech was the wrong way to go about this tragic situation.

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