Is Joe Lieberman a good pick for FBI director?

Joe Lieberman is a bad pick for FBI director

He could be just what Trump needs politically

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Former Democratic senator from Connecticut Joe Lieberman, who appears likely to be President Trump’s choice to be the new FBI director, is a bad pick, writes Quinn Hillyer of National Review. While Hillyer recognizes that Lieberman is a respected person and exerpienced and admired public servant, he stresses that the role of FBI director should not be filled by someone who comes from a political background and with absolutely no experience or knowledge of federal law enforcement. If named director, Lieberman would be the Bureau's very first leader with no prior Justice Department experience, something to be frowned upon, infers Hillyer. Additionally, Lieberman's age (75) is also a cause for concern, says Hillyer, considering the position is typically a 10-year term.

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Though former Democratic senator Joe Lieberman lacks experience, qualifications and youth to serve as the new FBI director, there are several reasons why he made it to the top of Trump's short-list, assesses Matthew Yglesias of Vox. First, Trump and Lieberman have reportedly bonded, which, though historically irrelevant, Trump is an untraditional president, so such a bond cannot be underestimated, says Yglesias. Also, as Lieberman is well-liked by his Democratic colleagues, if nominated, he'll likely to able to secure enough Democratic Party voters to bring a solid bipartisan majority, suggests Yglesias. Alternatively, given Lieberman's history of annoying the liberal base may cause party in-fighting, which could delay Trump's investigations.

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