Was John Kelly’s public support of Trump justified?

Kelly shouldn't have backed Trump's rhetoric

He correctly revealed media's anti-Trump bias

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In attacking President Trump’s critics, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly erroneously made himself a soldier in the president’s war of identity politics, holds Dara Lind of Vox. He used the fact that his son died in combat to undermine the press’s criticism of the way Trump treated a Gold Star family. Kelly carefully crafted the notion that only the ‘real patriots’ that served in the military are worthy of commenting on political issues in America. This is strongly reflective of the way that past American leaders have latched onto the military as a political tool. It is shameful for Kelly to follow in Trump's steps and continue his trend of undermining the media's credibility in whatever way possible.

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White House Chief of Staff John Kelly correctly stood by President Trump’s side, laying bare the opportunism of journalists using the Gold Star family situation against Trump, infers Eddie Scarry of The Washington Examiner. The quote about the dead soldier having “signed up for” what led to his death has been misquoted and blown out of proportion. Many newspapers featured it without the second line by Trump saying “I guess it still hurts.” Kelly had in fact directed the president’s call to the dead soldier’s widow. His response to the media is entirely correct. He knows exactly what was said and understands how words of support have been twisted to fit a political agenda.

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