North Korea sanctions aren't enough

They will slash the regime's income

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The recent UN Security Council-led sanctions against North Korea simply aren’t thorough enough, claims The Washington Post Editorial Board. The idea is good and a step in the right direction, but in order to truly choke the regime, a harsher strategy will be needed. Like the last wave of sanctions in 2006, North Korea will be able to circumvent them. It still manages to trade with individual groups as well as nations under the radar. Until this underground network is broken up, the regime will always be able to finance itself. If the UN doesn’t fully isolate North Korea economically, it will maintain its power and perseverance.

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The latest sanctions against North Korea will strongly undermine the regime by cutting off its areas of revenue through trade, reports Nyshka Chandran of CNBC. They are estimated to deprive the regime of $1 billion in earnings. Strong pressure from the U.S. will discourage previous trade partners from continuing to deal with North Korea, particularly in Africa and Asia. The underground trade network that sustained the nation’s profits will shrink significantly. Losing this funding will significantly damage the regime. The international community is doing everything it can to weaken North Korea’s economic position.

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