The lawsuits against Trump are justified

President Trump owning businesses isn't illegal

 Getty: Drew Angerer / Staff

President Trump’s refusal to divest from his businesses allows him to be bribed and influenced by foreign or domestic entities, which is justly being taken to court, writes the New York Times Editorial Board. The Constitution aimed to ensure that a president wouldn’t be able to enrich himself in any way other than his salary, unless first approved by Congress. Through hotels, real estate and other businesses, Trump has already received favors from foreign governments that have used his services. The president needs to be held accountable for choosing his own interests over those of the American people.

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The lawsuits against Trump are legally questionable and obviously motivated by anti-Trump sentiment, argues Jake Novak of CNBC. Calling any profit a president receives illegal would also cover Obama’s book that was published during his presidency, which raised no such furore. The legal framework of the lawsuits is built on archaic rules that have little grasp of the modern day. Trump’s businesses were successful before he assumed office. The current revenue he receives from them isn’t abnormal. Finding indisputable evidence that proves Trump received more money since becoming president is highly unlikely.  

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