Was Liu Xiaobo’s death the Chinese government’s fault?

Chinese government caused Liu Xiaobo's death

He was getting the best treatment possible

 Getty: Feng Li / Staff

Human rights activist Liu Xiaobo passed away to cancer this week, which the Chinese government could have prevented, had it allowed him to be transferred abroad, suggests the BBC. At the time of his death, he was serving an eleven-year prison sentence due to subversion. Many foreign groups have condemned the Chinese government for refusing him to get potentially live-saving treatment in another country. Local doctors claimed that he was too sick to travel, which Western ones disputed. The Chinese government keeping Mr. Liu in captivity prevented him from getting the treatment that many believed he needed.

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Chinese doctors did their very best to save Liu Xiaobo, providing a level of care as good as anywhere else, making the recent international criticism misleading, asserts the Global Times. He died of organ failure after the rapid worsening of his cancer. Medical consultants from abroad were present and stated that Mr. Liu could not have gotten better care. Western critics have seized upon this situation to unfairly criticize the Chinese government, in a bid to make themselves appear strong. Moving him abroad would probably not have made a difference. Chinese doctors gave him the best treatment possible.

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