Does it matter who funded the Russian Dossier?

It doesn't matter that Dems funded Dossier

Clinton funding it has serious implications

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The new revelations that the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee funded the unverified opposition research about then-presidential candidate Donald Trump and his alleged ties to Russia, known as the Steele Dossier, don’t really matter, argues Alex Shephard in New Republic. President Trump and his Republican party are seizing upon this revelation in an effort to focus on the political motivations behind the report’s unverified yet damaging findings. But highlighting the political origins of a report, which served as a basis for the FBI to gain FISA warrants to spy on Trump campaign officials, isn’t out of the ordinary. In the past, opposition research has also led to congressional investigations. What should remain the focus, despite President Trump's efforts to make Americans forget, is the validity of the dossier and its allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

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The fact that Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign funded the infamous Russian Dossier about Donald Trump and his alleged Russian ties has wide-reaching impact, writes David French in National Review. The importance of knowing the truth extends beyond the fact that key members of Clinton’s campaign team, including Clinton herself, lied about their knowledge of and ties to the report. The American public was under the impression that this unverified report was compiled by a former intelligence agent. Now it's come out that this dossier was actually a direct part of Democratic opposition research that subsequently turned into formal intelligence gathering used by federal investigators. However, proper intelligence analysis needs to decipher truth from politically motivated and unverifiable allegations. It is still unknown how this Democratically financed Russian dossier is influencing the current investigation against President Trump.

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