Should Medicaid Recipients Be Required To Work?

Forcing them to work is wrong

Actually, it's in their best interest

 Getty: Joe Raedle / Staff

Ensuring that people have a job before giving them Medicaid coverage would be ineffective and cruel, asserts Jonathan Chait of New York Magazine. While encouraging jobless people to find work is good, withholding their healthcare coverage is the wrong way to go about this. The amount of recipients that are able-bodied and don’t have a job is very small. Being mentally and physically well is required to find a job to begin with. Furthermore, adding this step of control would complicate and slow the process of receiving healthcare, which could hurt the people most in need of it. Medicaid recipients should not be subjected to these conditions.

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Encouraging individuals to find a job in order to get Medicaid coverage will not only put them on a better path in life but also make them value the care they get more, infers Deane Waldman of Real Clear Health. Millions of potential recipients don’t want it because they see less of a value in it. By making people work to receive Medicaid, they will learn to appreciate it more. Additionally, work requirements can push people to help themselves. Montana’s system does this the best way, by requiring recipients to get job training. It is highly likely that this method will solve the issues we currently face. Spurring people to work for Medicaid has several upsides.

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