Does Mueller have a Case against Trump?

Proof against Trump is piling up

Mueller's probe is a big partisan mess

 Getty: Alex Wong / Staff

President Trump and his team have given Special Counsel Robert Mueller plenty of ammunition to build a strong case against him, reports Stephen Collinson of CNN. The president admitted that he fired Michael Flynn because he lied to Mike Pence and the FBI. This appears damning as Trump also applied pressure on former FBI director James Comey to refrain from looking too deeply into Flynn. In response, Trump and his legal team have tried to fight and discredit these reports and the media, which may help keep his supporters loyal, but increasingly points towards wrongdoing. Trump’s behavior has indicated that he might be trying to hide something.

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is full of many growing holes, asserts Joseph Curl of the Daily Wire. His team for the investigation into President Trump has included many people who aren’t apolitical; many of them had donated money to Hillary Clinton and other Democrats. Particular noteworthy is FBI agent Peter Strzok, who was caught exchanging anti-Trump text messages. His background included working for ex-FBI director James Comey, whom he assisted with the probe into collusion between Russia and Trump. He wasn’t even fired, only quietly moved elsewhere. Mueller’s investigation is losing its unbiased and neutral appearance.

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