Are We In A New Cold War With Russia?

This comparison is exaggerated

Russia has been highly aggressive

 Getty: Sean Gallup / Staff

The relationship between the US and Russia may be bad today, but it is far from a new Cold War, asserts Stephen M. Walt of Foreign Policy. The Cold War was a much more direct rivalry that spanned continents, saw the clash of ideologies, caused millions of deaths in proxy wars, and involved a nuclear arms race. Russia’s recent meddling in the US election is unlikely to have been as extensive as some claim. Local outlets like Fox News set the scene for this type of intervention to happen. But it’s far from an equal contest. America’s economy is about ten times as big as Russia’s now. If anything, China is a much bigger threat.

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With its cyber attacks on American democracy and nerve agent attack on British soil, Russia has confirmed that we are in a Cold War, infers Robert Kuttner in The Huffington Post. Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russian agents and three agencies with ties to the Russian government for meddling in the 2016 US presidential election. It has directly challenged the US and is facing only superficial punishments. A harder response is needed to show that such acts of provocation come with consequences. In cyber warfare, being on the defensive isn’t enough. America needs to adopt a more aggressive approach for its own safety and interests.

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