Is new travel ban a disguised Muslim ban?

U.S. travel ban is a disguised Muslim ban

Its aim is security, not banning Muslims

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President Trump's new travel ban may appear to prioritize security, but it is almost certainly another ban on Muslims, suggests Jon di Paolo of the Independent. Having shown his desire for a complete Muslim ban on the campaign trail, Trump can’t hide his true motives. The addition of some Venezuelan officials and North Korean citizens is probably a disguise. Either of those groups travel to America in very small numbers to begin with. Banning citizens from countries like Iran and Libya makes little sense other than preventing their mainly Muslim citizens from entering America. Trump is trying to hide it, but his intentions are cruel and discriminatory.

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President Trump’s latest travel ban was enacted with security, and not religion, in mind, holds Eli Lake of Bloomberg. Calling it a Muslim ban is factually wrong. Citizens from the biggest Muslim nations, such as Saudi Arabia or Indonesia, are still free to come to America. U.S. officials have made it clear that countries like Somalia and Syria were chosen because of their current turmoil that makes them hotbeds for terrorists. The issue is that their governments can no longer provide a reliable screening process to prevent extremists from coming to America. No matter what Trump said on the campaign trail, this ban is about security, not banning Muslims.

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