Would Oprah make a good president?

America needs a leader like her

She lacks the necessary political experience

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Oprah Winfrey’s inspiring rise to success, her business savvy-nature and her efforts to lift up the less fortunate make her an ideal candidate for US president, suggests Sally Kohn of CNN. Having risen to the top from a humble background, she embodies the American dream. Throughout her career, Oprah has sought to empower others, from funding education programs to donating over $10 million to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. She has shown a knack for leadership, and though politically inexperienced, she could provide an outsider’s spark similar to that of Ronald Reagan when he entered politics.

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For all of her many qualities, Oprah Winfrey is simply not cut out for the complicated role as president of the United States, holds Osita Nwanevu of Slate. Electing her would seem like a liberal reaction to President Trump, choosing a popular outsider. She is highly charismatic and smart, but the country needs a more traditional politician leading it, someone who can tackle all issues from climate change to inequality. Part of Trump’s rise stems from voters becoming bored with traditional politicians. The issue is that politics and policy are as boring as they are important. Oprah wouldn’t be the president the country needs.

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