Is Paul Manafort right to sue Robert Mueller?

He's using this as a distraction

Paul Manafort is right to sue

 Getty: Win McNamee / Staff

Paul Manafort’s lawsuit against Special Counsel Robert Mueller, alleging that the special counsel made illegal indictments against him, holds little weight and is likely a publicity stunt, argues Mark Joseph Stern of Slate. It is probable that he started this lawsuit in order to undermine the Russia investigation and gain him support among Republicans. Manafort’s claims are mistaken, Mueller was acting within his rights in going after the former Trump campaign manager. This position makes involvement in alleged collusion with Russia a distinct possibility. Ultimately, Manafort's lawsuit is likely to fail, suggesting that might be using it to discredit Mueller.

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While the allegations against Paul Manafort do carry significance, the way that special counsel Robert Mueller investigated him was done in a manner that doesn’t necessarily overlap with Russian meddling, suggests Jonathan Turley of The Hill. The charges brought against him had nothing to do with Mueller’s original mission, to find collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia. The alleged crimes he is being accused of happened before the election campaign and focus on Manafort’s business dealings. While unlikely to win this lawsuit, he is correct that Mueller wouldn’t have found out about his misdeeds had he stayed focus on the Russia investigation.

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