Does Paul Manafort Wiretap Vindicate Trump’s Claim?

Trump right; his campaign was wiretapped

No, wiretap was of Manafort, not Trump

 Getty Images: Chip Somodevilla

A new CNN report that U.S. investigators wiretapped President Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort vindicates the president’s earlier claims that the Obama administration had wiretapped him at Trump Tower before the 2016 election.  Trump’s claim, which had been widely dismissed as conspiracy theory, has now been proven true, argues Kristina Wong of Breitbart, which also had also been mocked for supporting Trump’s claim at the time. It now turns out that Trump was right: U.S. investigators did obtain a surveillance warrant on Manafort from a secret court and had monitored him before and after the election, including a period when Manafort, who has a residence in Trump Tower, was known to talk to President Donald Trump. The survelliance was part of an investigation into Manafort's lobbying work for Ukraine’s pro-Russian former ruling party. Those who said Trump's claim had no basis were wrong.

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Despite CNN’s revelation that federal agents wiretapped former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort both before and after the 2016 election, including early this year, Trump’s accusations that he, himself, was being wiretapped remain groundless, reports Aaron Rupar of Think Progress. While there could be records of communication between Manafort and Trump, the fact that the wiretap in question solely regarded Paul Manafort the person, not Trump Tower, where Manafort has a condo, does not validate Trump's accusation in the slightest bit. Even if Trump’s voice was picked up on the federal investigators' surveillance, it would’ve been incidentally collected, which routinely happens during the course of criminal and counterintelligence investigations. This is not the same thing as being wiretapped by President Obama, which Trump erroneously claimed on Twitter in March.

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