Was Pence leaving during NFL protests a stunt?

Trump planned this as a stunt

It's highly unlikely that it was

 Getty: Patrick Smith

Mike Pence walking out after witnessing NFL players protest during the national anthem was a PR stunt, orchestrated by Trump to gain more attention, holds Chris Cillizza of CNN. The reporters accompanying him were told to wait in a van, strongly suggesting that this walkout had been pre-planned. Besides adding fuel to the fire of debate over the NFL protests this gesture wasted lots of taxpayer money. Pence flew from Las Vegas to Indiana, just to leave the game early and fly right back to California. Trump loves to create drama, which was his goal here. However while it may have gained him attention, a president shouldn’t be this divisive.

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There are many factors, including Mike Pence’s trip to Indiana being planned for months, that makes this being a stunt very unlikely, asserts Jazz Shaw of Hot Air. First of all, if the players hadn’t protested by kneeling, the situation couldn’t have possibly unfolded this way. Pence is also an avid football and Colts fan, and would likely have looked forward to Peyton Manning’s number being retired. The cost of the trip had been budgeted for months, it only became an issue once news outlets was upset with Pence’s actions. There is a strong chance that Pence simply decided that he wouldn’t tolerate players kneeling at a game he had long wanted to attend.

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