Should Puerto Rico become the 51st state?

Puerto Rico needs to become 51st state

Puerto Rico should fix its economy first

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Puerto Rico needs to become a part of the US, having suffered far too much from the legislative limbo it finds itself in, holds Jenniffer González-Colón of The Hill. Having only certain American policies apply to it, but not getting some of the benefits of a state, crippled its economy, leaving it underdeveloped and in rampant debt. Puerto Ricans are proud to hold American passports and have a historical right to finally be a part of the US. With this unification, the island would be given the means and support to rekindle its economy and pay off its debts. Becoming the 51st state would allow Puerto Rico to thrive again.

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It is not the right time for Puerto Rico to become a part of the US; it should sort out its economic situation first, argues Francisco J. Gonzalez of Star Tribune. The island has racked up an immense amount of debt and is bankrupt. Becoming the 51st state now would put the responsibility of its financial troubles on American taxpayers who would have to bail it out. Joining the US simply to saddle Americans with the bill would create an imbalance. US taxpayers can’t be expected to fund this decision. Puerto Rico needs to rebuild its economy and tackle its debt so that it can contribute to the US rather than just receiving support.

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