Does Republicans’ Tax Plan benefit the Middle Class?

This bill ignores the middle class

It actually benefits the middle class

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The Republican plan to change our tax system would benefit CEOs and corporations while hoping that their profits will trickle down to the middle class, which they won’t, asserts Doyle McManus of the LA Times. Any additional revenue that this tax plan will bring would mostly result in companies buying their own shares, paying down debt and looking to merge with others. They would not focus on job growth. Most Americans have realized this and are against the plan. Still, the GOP will go through with it because it relies on the support of big donors who’d profit from these changes. The middle class is not the priority of this bill.

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The GOP’s reform of our tax code simplifies and reduces the amounts the middle mlass needs to pay, believes Ryan Ellis of Forbes. A combination of promoting the growth of American businesses and easing the taxes the average American needs to pay are what the country needs right now. The vast majority of people will not see their taxes go up. Families are particularly big winners as they will receive credit for having children. The economy would see a strong boost as companies would see less taxes as a whole, allowing them to focus on growth. Republicans are doing what they said they would by supporting our middle class.

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