What Response does North Korea’s Missile Test warrant?

Now is the time for diplomacy

We need to punish this behaviour

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While the prospect of North Korea’s nuclear program becoming even more effective is worrying, it might bring us closer to peace talks, writes the Editorial Board of The New York Times. The regime’s goal has long been the ability to launch long-distance nuclear missile strikes. With the country’s latest progression on this front, it may feel it has a good amount of leverage to negotiate with the US. The nuclear testing phase could be nearing an end, and experts believe that Kim Jong-un will now be more willing to participate in talks. The US government should engage him and use this moment to lower tensions in the region.

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North Korea’s latest missile test must result in harsher sanctions and more diplomatic pressure by the White House, asserts Anthony Ruggiero of Fox News. We must not reward the regime’s aggressive behavior with peace offerings but hit them hard with more embargoes. It has shown again and again that attempts at diplomatic solutions will not get it to calm down. The US should target Chinese banks that give North Korea revenue streams and squeeze it in any way possible. Concessions are not the way forward, though sanctions that hit the regime where it hurts, are. Rewarding Kim Jong-un’s belligerence would be wrong.

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