Does Rex Tillerson deserve to be fired?

Tillerson wouldn't be missed

He's actually been doing well

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From day one Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has worked to diminish America’s stature abroad and his presence would not be missed, holds Dexter Filkins of the New Yorker. When he took the position, he proposed reducing the State Department’s budget by a third and cutting over a thousand jobs. Throughout his tenure, the Department has lost its best and most experienced diplomats. Thanks to him, America is becoming a smaller player in the world order that it created after WW2. He has shunned being the ideological flag bearer of the West, putting profit above ideology. Tillerson deserves to be fired as he is a poor Secretary of State.

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It would be regrettable for Rex Tillerson to be fired, as he is doing a formidable job under unfavorable circumstances, asserts John Hannah of Foreign Policy. President Trump has undermined him and hampered his efforts at every step, yet he still managed several diplomatic successes. Bringing Iraq and Saudi Arabia closer together to oppose Iran was one. Two unanimous U.N. Security Council resolutions against North Korea with the approval of China and Russia were another. The Trump administration and the National Security Council have constantly held Tillerson back. His critics are being overly harsh on him.

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