Is Senator Flake’s defiance of Trump brave?

Flake courageous to oppose Trump

This move is deeply hypocritical of him

 Getty: Drew Angerer / Staff

Arizona Republican Senator Jeff Flake showed immense character by announcing that he couldn’t continue to run for the GOP due to moral issues, suggests David A. Graham of The Atlantic. One of President Trump’s harshest critics from the beginning, Flake has understood that he would be undermining his values by continuing as an elected official for a party that requires undying loyalty to the current president. Trump’s extreme divisiveness is something that he can no longer be a part of, which sends a strong message to Trump and other Republicans: falling in line is no longer obligatory. It's worth putting morals first, no matter what the price may be.

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It is deeply hypocritical for Republican Senator Jeff Flake to oppose President Trump now, when he was complicit in supporting him, asserts Will Bunch of The Philadelphia Inquirer. A good reason for Flake having a sudden burst of conscience is that he was facing a re-election battle that he was increasingly unlikely to win. He used big words in opposing Trump, but while in office he repeatedly supported his policies, none more prominent than the Obamacare repeal bill. Flake’s actions got him praise from Democrats and they may look good in terms of PR, but they don’t tackle the issue directly. This bit of grandstanding is not as significant or courageous as it appears.

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