Sessions is fighting harmful leaks

Actually, he is undermining the media

 Getty: Alex Wong / Staff

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ criticism of the media is linked to it publishing highly sensitive leaked information, undermining the government, reports the Guardian. He is not seeking to limit journalistic freedom but the illegal publication of classified data. The attorney general has tripled investigations into White House leaks, which have happened at an unprecedented rate under President Trump. Individuals with access to confidential information have shared it with the press, which has hurt the current administration. They need to be stopped and prosecuted for their infractions. Sessions is protecting the country.

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions established a dangerous precedent by wrongly equating leaking classified information to the media with selling state secrets to a foreign nation, argues Kel McClanahan of Politico. He subtly created a link between reporters and spies by talking about subversive acts of espionage in a news conference about the media. This is a manipulative attempt to worsen the contempt much of the public has for journalists. Foreign agents are a significant issue for the U.S., but they are far more dangerous and malicious than the press publishing leaks. Sessions engaged in shrewd fear mongering to fit his agenda.

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