Should America Defend Ukraine Against Russia?

It's not worth going to war over

Russia will not stop with Ukraine

 Unsplash: Joel Rivera-Camacho

The US should avoid any military confrontation with Russia over Ukraine, asserts Branko Marcetic in The Washington Post. Ukraine is a non-NATO member on the other side of the world. America has no legal obligation to come to its defense. Stopping a Russian invasion is not worth starting a conflict that could potentially become WW3. Ukraine has neo-Nazi elements in its government, which is associated with neo-Nazi terrorists; it is not a close US ally. America also has to realize that its activity near the Russian border has added to the tension, pulling back can calm down the situation. We wouldn't tolerate Russian missiles in Latin America, either.

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America must come to the defense of Ukraine if Russia invades, argues Evelyn Farkas in Defense One. Putin has to learn that such military action and violating other countries' borders will no longer be tolerated. If he is not resisted, his desire to claim more territory will only grow. Any appeasement of Russia risks encouraging China and others. The post-WW2 peace that we have enjoyed is largely thanks to a global agreement to respect borders. If we don't demonstrate that rule-breaking will be punished, the whole system can collapse. America must show Putin that it will go to war to protect its allies. Only then can the global order we rely on be upheld.

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