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Should Biden Rejoin The Iran Nuclear Deal?

Iran is not a viable peace partner

It's crucial for better relations with Iran

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Joe Biden is wrong to believe that Iran is a viable partner for peace, holds Michael Goodwin of the New York Post. The Iran Nuclear Deal is not something the US should pursue, given the current climate in the Middle East. Israel has made historic peace agreements with the UAE and other nations. Iran has continued its belligerent behavior, staying on track to build nuclear weapons. Even under Obama's nuclear agreement, Iran's nuclear ambitions weren't tempered. Biden needs to accept that America's allies in the Middle East are other nations than Iran. He should listen to them and recognize the threat that Iran poses to the whole region.

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Diplomacy, not aggression, is the way to get results with Iran, asserts Massoumeh Torfeh of TRT World. A new vision of the Middle East is needed, one that spreads peace. Iran's moderates have been battered by sanctions, which have undermined their effort to seek better relations with the West. Without the Iran Nuclear Deal, we stay on a road towards further tension and potentially war. Further belligerence is not needed in an already incredibly tense region. Rejoining the deal will limit Iran's nuclear program and promote dialogue. Showing the Iranian people that they have reliable allies in the West will help them shun violence and promote peaceful engagement.

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