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Should NATO impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine?

It's a must to stop Russia's aggression

This would cause a much bigger war


NATO should listen to the pleas from Ukraine and impose a no-fly zone in its airspace, argues Christina Alam of Jurist. Russia's aggression and killing of civilians is a blatant act of war and has to be met with consequences. The US signed an agreement with Ukraine in 1994 that it would give up its nuclear weapons in exchange for military support if it was attacked. By refusing to intervene, the US shows allies that its word can't be trusted. Fears of triggering a larger engagement need to be put aside; Putin can't get away with his behavior simply by threatening nuclear war. The international community needs to put the safety of Ukrainians first.

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It is unthinkable for NATO to establish a no-fly zone in Ukraine, asserts Ben Burgis of Jacobin Magazine. This would be seen as a direct declaration of war to Russia and likely drag us into the next horrible global war. This argument is based on the premise that Russia might take the rational decision to de-escalate. This is a hopeful fantasy that cannot be the basis for such a major and drastic decision. A no-fly zone in Ukraine means the US would be shooting down Russian planes. This could very likely trigger a full-on war that results in nuclear strikes. We need to help the Ukrainians, but making sure no broader conflict is triggered is also essential.

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