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Should The Senate Take Trump To Trial?

It would reveal the full truth

There is little basis for a trial


It would be in the interest of the American public for the Senate to take President Trump to trial, asserts Doug Jones in MSN News. Paramount would be the testimony of four key witnesses. They have inside knowledge of exchanges with Ukraine and would help bring the full truth to light. One of them is former national security adviser John Bolton, who resigned after a meeting with Ukrainian officials, calling it a “drug deal” he didn’t want to be a part of. His version of events must be heard. The Senate should lead a detailed trial in order to fully establish whether Trump abused his power. There should be a bipartisan desire to find out what really happened.

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The Senate should dismiss impeachment without a trial, writes Christopher Roach of American Greatness. This is due to the clear partisanship that Congress displayed when voting to impeach President Trump. US Senators would be justified to dismiss an indictment because of flaws in the investigation. Partisanship in the initiation of this impeachment trial as well as the lack of a real criminal offense could be reasons to stop it. Going to trial would be expensive and could be a major burden on the presidency. The Senate should only go ahead with it if it sees real evidence that Trump abused his power. Currently, there is little to prove this allegation.

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