Should The US Pull Out Of Syria?

We would undo all our recent gains

Staying would only waste resources

 Getty: Scott Olson / Staff

It would be a major mistake to end America’s military intervention in Syria, holds the editorial board of National Review. First and foremost, ISIS, the enemy Donald Trump cites as the main factor in his involvement in the country, is far from defeated. Its soldiers still number in the 20-30 thousand. Pulling out now would open the door to its resurgence. Additionally, it would strengthen the hands of Russia and Iran, which goes against America’s national security interests. Key allies, the Kurds, would be left highly vulnerable to Turkish and Syrian forces. There is no strategic advantage of exiting from this highly precarious conflict.

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Donald Trump is right to seek to pull out of Syria, believes Christian Whiton of Fox News. His main goal, of subduing ISIS, has been achieved. While the group has not been entirely exterminated, it only survives in the shadows, barely a fraction of its former size. Some argue that the next task is stabilization, but that is far too big and costly to be beneficial for America. The Syrian civil war rages on as Assad continues to oppress his people. But it has become clear that replacing him would mirror the replacement of Saddam Hussein. It would require far more US engagement. There is no need to set ourselves lofty goals that we can’t achieve.

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