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Should Trump Worry About Michael Cohen’s Hearing?

He will shed light on Trump's wrongdoings

He is unlikely to reveal anything substantial

 Getty: Spencer Platt / Staff

The statements Michael Cohen is set to make during his upcoming hearing will very likely be bad for President Trump, asserts Emily Jane Fox of Vanity Fair. What he says regarding, in particular, the pay-off of adult actress Stormy Daniels, which he conducted, and how Trump reimbursed him, will be significant. It is highly likely that this payment constituted a campaign finance violation. People close to Cohen and his lawyers have suggested that he will discuss everything from crimes to racism to infidelity that the president engaged in. He will reveal precise details of how Trump broke the law. This story is set to become big enough to eclipse Trump’s summit with Kim Jong-un in Vietnam.

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The upcoming hearing of Michael Cohen has mainly been coordinated to steal press from Donald Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong-un, holds Jason Chaffetz of Fox News. To begin with, the Congressional oversight hearing of someone who was never a government employee raises serious doubts. The fact that it was scheduled on the same day of Trump’s trip to Vietnam, where he will meet the North Korean leader, reveals the intention of undermining him. Cohen himself is unreliable, as he has a long history of lying. Additionally, the client-attorney privileges between Trump and him still apply. Bound by these rules, it is unlikely that he will be able to make any solid revelations.

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