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Should We Take Putin’s Nuclear Threat Seriously?

Putin could absolutely use nuclear weapons

It's another bluff from a man who's losing

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We should be taking Vladimir Putin's threat of using nuclear weapons very seriously, believes Harry J. Kazianis of The Spectator. Russia has been strongly affected by Western sanctions and weapons aid to Ukraine. Putin is showing signs of frustration, seeing his country suffer economically and failing to finish the Ukraine invasion rapidly. His declarations show that the West's actions are reaching his red line. Putin has his own view of the Ukraine situation, and might not shy away from using great violence, even nuclear weapons, if he feels he has no other choice. The West should proceed with caution and guide him towards peaceful compromise.

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Vladimir Putin is a serial liar, and we should see his threat of nuclear strikes as more of the same, asserts the editorial board of the New York Post. His campaign in Ukraine is going very poorly, with strong local resistance, united international condemnation and even protests at home. Raising the threat of nuclear attacks is the saber-rattling of a man who is growing increasingly desperate. Rather than gaining strength from the invasion, its complications are weakening him politically. If that continues, Putin might very well lose his position as Russia's leader altogether. The West should keep up the pressure and not be swayed by this clear sign of weakness.

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