Should We Worry About The Migrant Caravan?

The GOP is using it to gain votes

The caravan needs to be stopped

 Getty: John Moore / Staff

President Trump and several Republicans have spread fear about immigration by exaggerating the story about a migrant caravan heading to the US, write Alexander Burns and Astead W. Herndon of The New York Times. While the caravan remains far from America’s border, Republicans have focused on this issue to gain more votes during the midterms. Trump and others have even spread mis-truths to get supporters worked up, such as terrorists being among the immigrants or that the caravan is supported by Democrats and George Soros. These tactics get Americans worked up over issues that deserve far less attention, just for political gain.

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The migrant caravan heading to the U.S. from Mexico, made up of around 7,0000 people, is a serious issue that needs to be addressed, holds Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire. It is not in America’s interest to let in every illegal immigrant. Instead, people who come over legally should be encouraged. Validating the notion that the U.S. border is open to all would cause an even bigger wave of people crossing the border, which the country can ill afford. In a world full of millions of people who want to immigrate, America should be able to choose whom to let in. This caravan needs to be stopped and dealt with according to the law, to set an example.

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