Which side benefits from the Cosby mistrial?

Cosby's mistrial will curtail a guilty verdict

The retrial can raise new incriminating evidence

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Bill Cosby’s prosecution ending in a mistrial strongly favors his defense and distances the possibility of a conviction, report Anthony Lin and Noeleen Walder for US News. Cosby’s defense team will have full access to the witness testimony transcripts, allowing them to identify crucial inconsistencies. In particular, prosecution teams tend to hold back little during the first trial while the defense is likely to still have aces up their sleeve that weren’t needed the first time around. The prosecution team is also under more pressure to uncover new evidence to make its case. The outcome of a mistrial lessens the likelihood of a guilty verdict.

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The Bill Cosby trial ending in a mistrial is promising for the prosecution, which hopes to allow more of the 33 total accusers to come forward and testify, writes Charlotte Alter of Time. Cosby's celebrity power had a strong influence on the jury but only two women were allowed to testify. More of them being able to tell their stories would surely sway the jury and result in Cosby’s conviction. As an acquittal has been avoided, there is still time for a guilty verdict, particularly if new evidence and testimonies surface. The prosecution reportedly hopes to use the statements of further victims to sway the jury. The retrial could boost a guilty verdict.

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