How significant is the Democrats’ Victory in Virginia?

This shows G.O.P support is wavering

This is part of a trend that isn't unusual

 Getty: Win McNamee / Staff

The Democratic victory in Virginia is significant because it reveals that even faithful Republican supporters are turning against Trump’s GOP, infers Chris Cillizza of CNN. In districts that were previously loyal to Republicans, we are now seeing a strong ideological shift. Of the voters that considered Trump a strong influence on their vote, twice as many wanted to show him their discontent. Many disagree with his divisive rhetoric, and GOP candidates close to him are suffering from it. Republicans now need to walk a thin line between being friendly with the president and staying just far enough not to enrage their voters.

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The gubernatorial election results in Virginia were not the result of some unforseen societal shift. In fact, they were relatively predictable, holds David Harsanyi of The Federalist. Virginians have often voted against incoming presidents shortly after national elections in the past. In 2009, with Obama in office, they went Republican. And in 2001, after Bush became president, they elected Democrats. This is a natural trend that voters have. When new leaders come in, their satisfied supporters lean back while opponents work even harder to reduce their power. Unlike what the liberal media is saying, Trump is not undermining the GOP’s support.

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