Is social media beneficial in the wake of a terrorist attack?

Social media useful after terrror attack

Spreading panic, it fuels terrorist cause

 Getty: Christopher Furlong / Staff

Social media is beneficial in the wake of terrorist attacks. It is helping families reunite after the recent terrorist attack in Manchester, reports Nick Levine of NME. Families and friends have found Facebook and Twitter useful in trying to find people that went missing after the attack. Facebook’s safety check feature, which allows individuals to mark themselves safe during a terror attack, has helped calm those concerned for their safety. The grand network of the internet has brought people closer together and helps families find out what happened to their loved ones. Levine highlights the way that social media can accelerate vital communication during dire times.

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The wave of unverified information and raw footage that rushes through social media after terror attacks benefits no one and strengthens the terrorists’ cause by spreading fear, argues Emily Dreyfus of Wired. Bombing attacks don't just aim to kill a large group of people but also to incite terror in whole communities. Social media is the best accomplice in this regard, as individuals share content that spreads panic, disinformation and hate. Verified reports get lost in the barrage of content that rapidly circles around the internet. Dreyfus asserts that having their crimes broadcast across the globe is a strong motivator for terrorists.

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