Should Trump Agree To An Interview With Mueller?

It's a move that is far too risky

It could prove his innocence

 Getty: Chip Somodevilla / Staff

Meeting Special Counsel Robert Mueller for an interview has many potential downsides and few upsides for President Trump, asserts Rich Lowry in Politico. As there is not enough evidence against him regarding possible collusion with Russia to force such an interaction, it would be silly to needlessly go into it. Mueller’s tactics have revolved around talking to people and catching them while lying. Being in a room with him while under oath could be highly risky for Trump. His best path forward is to wait for the investigation to conclude and then react to whatever allegations, if any, are made against him. An interview would be bad for Trump.

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President Trump has rightly communicated his desire to meet with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, infers Chris Cillizza of CNN. Convinced of his own innocence, this interview could prove to be an opportunity to put the whole affair behind him. Trump is also tired of the narrative that he is being pursued by Mueller. Engaging him so directly could end much of the fuss and put this tiring campaign of alleged collusion with Russia behind him. Furthermore, talking to Mueller, and coming out on top, is a prize that the president can’t resist. Given that he feels entirely innocent, this interview could provide the opportunity to prove this to Mueller and the American people.

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